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Melissa's Story


  • Wanted to focus more on content generation instead of chatting.
  • Was missing out on revenue due to time differences between her and her fans.
  • Tried copying and pasting chat scripts to save time but these had low conversion rates.


  • Our team provided 24/7 chat support for Melissa’s accounts and rebuilt her direct messaging strategy, increasing her earnings by 32k within 4 months.

“Divafluence helped me manage my fans on a daily basis. I always found that when I woke up, my inbox would be filled with fan messages but I couldn’t reply since I was asleep. I considered an OnlyFans talent agency after some girls suggested it in a Facebook group and eventually found Divafluence. Not only has Divafluence saved me a lot of time with chat but they were able to go above and beyond to promote my account.”

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