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Do I really need a talent agency?

It’s up to you. Without an agency, everything including content creation, account promotion, and fan management has to be done by you.

Typically, for accounts making less than $500 per month on all platforms, this is manageable. Beyond this, workload tends to increase with more fans so there’s a significant trade-off between effort and results.

Ask yourself, are you more comfortable working on your account:

  • 6 hours a day for $500 per month?
  • 1 hour a day for $10k-100k per month?

If the answer is the latter, please feel free to apply to see if we can work together.

How much can I make?

It depends on you. Successful creators making between $10k-100k per month all have a strong work ethic and are consistent when it comes to generating content.

Content Generation

What sort of content will I have to provide?

In the beginning, you will meet with your account manager to define a content plan that works for you. You will never have to produce content you’re not comfortable with.

How often will I need to send content?

Either on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your schedule.

How much time do I have to invest?

A minimum of an hour per day. If you’re sending out content on a weekly basis, you can pre-produce everything for the week in a single 7-hour session.

I don’t have a professional camera, will I need to buy one?

No – all you need is a phone to get started.


How do I apply?

Please fill out an application form here.

How many followers do I need to apply?

We work with accounts big and small. Even if you don’t have an OnlyFans account yet, we will help you get started.

When can I get an update regarding my application?

Please wait at least 1 week before contacting us to check the status of your application. As we review each application carefully, it may take us some time to get back to you, especially when there’s a high volume of applicants.

I got rejected, why?

Please note that we carefully consider each application before we have to make a final decision. As each partner requires a significant investment in both time and resources we’re only able to take on individuals we feel would benefit most from our services.


Do I need to sign any contracts?

Yes – we will provide documentation that outlines the working relationship and representation by the agency.

How does orientation look like?

Orientation is a series of short online modules you can complete by yourself that introduce you to the agency and expectations moving forward.

Account Management

How often will I be in contact with my account manager?

As often as you’d like. Depending on your preferences, we provide daily or weekly check-ins. Otherwise, we’re available 24/7 should any questions or concerns arise.

How will I be contacted?

We keep in touch through e-mail, phone calls, or text/video chat.

What do regular check-ins look like?

These typically include:

  • Content generation guide.
  • Account earnings summary.
  • Anything you’d like to discuss.

Can I terminate my representation at any time?

Yes – please reach out to your account manager to begin the process.


How often and how will I be invoiced?

We provide electronic invoices to you at the end of each month.

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront agency fees. All revenue is results-based if we help you earn money.

How do payments and agency fees work?

Fees are paid on a percentage of new income.

For example, let’s say you were making $1k per month before you were signed on by us. If we scale your account to $10k per month, you would still pocket the $1k entirely. The remaining $9k would be split between you and the agency.

All revenue splits are calculated on a case-by-case basis and depend on multiple factors such as current account size. Please apply to obtain a quote on how revenue share could look like for your account.


Do I have to show my face?

Absolutely not. We have successfully scaled accounts when this was not necessary.

Who has access to my content?

Only your dedicated team has access to any shared data and related login details.

Online Shop

What's your refund policy?

All digital orders are final and non-refundable. Please ensure you have carefully read the product’s description before purchasing.


I still have other questions, how do I contact you?

Please fill out an application form here and we can book some time to discuss.