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Hi there!

My name is Dan and I just want to say thanks for visiting Divafluence – we’re a premium influencer consulting agency dedicated to helping creators achieve success.

Today, it’s obvious that creators have a radically different experience on platforms versus the situation a few years back. Not only is there more competition between creators, but strategies for growing and maintaining accounts have evolved to a point where it’s impossible for a single person to take care of content, promotion, and client relationships at the same time.

99% of top influencers are working with an agency

Why is this the case? Being represented by an agency helps with:

Defining Strategy Most creators are not profitable because they produce content rather than thinking of long-term goals to reach and monetize their target audience.

Idea Generation – Without a consistent way to generate fresh content on a regular basis, unsuccessful creators often recycle old ideas and trends that put off potential prospective clients.
Saving Time – Individual creators juggle too many things at once and become overwhelmed, leaving little to no free time for themselves.

Leave the hard work to us

That’s where Divafluence came in. We started as a full social media marketing agency based out of Montreal, Canada and eventually expanded globally to help creators bridge these gaps. Since that time, I’ve realized we’ve grown into something much larger – a team that empowers creators and helps them achieve the financial freedom they deserve. We’re built different than other agencies. From the moment you begin to work with us, we take you on as a business partner to help advance your career.

Getting started is easy and totally free

I’m delighted to offer you these services. In fact, I’m so confident in our ability to deliver that we provide our expertise with zero upfront and setup fees. Excellence is our priority. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you’re just starting out or have a dedicated fanbase, we’d love to hear from you so feel free to drop a message or ask us a question – we’ll get in touch shortly!







Years Experience


Models Under Management


Hours Daily Support


Upfront and Setup Fees


Average Monthly Model Earnings


Top Monthly Model Earnings


After you apply, we schedule an interview to see if we can work together. If you're selected, we get you up to speed on what to expect working with us.


We analyze your accounts and build a strategy once we identify areas of improvement.


A dedicated marketing team manages your social media presence to optimally funnel your audience to your profiles.


Your account manager will recommend content ideas so all you have to do is upload on a regular basis and watch your account grow.


We engage your fanbase through 24/7 chat services to drive traffic and sales.


We continually reassess strategy for your accounts in order to maximize your earnings.

The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Wherever and whenever, we provide 24/7 services designed to resonate with your audience.

Real Relationships

Authentic conversations to keep your fans engaged and coming back for more.

Fantasy First

Personalized and passionate story-telling your fans care about.

Brilliant Branding

Getting your unique personality to come across organically and consistently.

Always Available

No matter the time, your fans constantly have someone to talk to.

Leading Loyalty

Optimized to turn followers into fans, and fans into dedicated subscribers.

Creative Content

Platform-specific media management for realistic experiences.


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