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Amy's Story


  • Earned less than $100 a month from OnlyFans.
  • Couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason why fans weren’t spending more.
  • Got discouraged from making content and eventually took a 3-month break. When she came back, some of her previous high-paying fans unsubscribed or stopped buying content altogether.


  • We’ve focused on rebuilding Amy’s pay-per-view and promotional strategies, earning her 10k a month within 2 months.

“I am extremely glad I’ve made the decision to go with Divafluence for OnlyFans management. Roman reached out to me back in July and I was set up within a few days by Lydia, my manager. Lydia was absolutely amazing every step of the way in growing my profile to over $10,000 a month. I felt like I had a really tough time with the platform and getting started as I was probably making 1/10 of that by myself, so I had no idea how top girls were making so much. After so many months of not seeing progress I almost gave up but decided to go with Divafluence since I had nothing to lose and didn’t want to pay anything to try out an agency. I’m so glad I did. Lydia redid my profile entirely and helped me get so many (actually paying) fans in such a short amount of time. I work a regular job so these results have truly blown me away. I’m excited to see where I can be in a year from now and if I can eventually make a living off OnlyFans.”

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