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In this Divafluence guide we’ll talk about what S4S and SFS are on OnlyFans and what you can do on the platform to promote your account.

In short, S4S and SFS are acronyms that stand for “shoutout for shoutout”.

What Is S4S and SFS on OnlyFans?

Shoutouts are an effective way to grow your account if you’re able to find a creator who’s in your niche, and has an engaged and active fanbase. In order to start one of these agreements, creators typically ask someone else if they can do S4S and SFS. If there’s a positive response, both creators agree to post a link to the other’s OnlyFans profile as a way to direct traffic from their page to the other.

How to do S4S or SFS on OnlyFans?

Users frequently provide an email address so that others interested in participating in an SFS can contact them privately and discuss the specifics of how it will be carried out. Direct messages are another way for users to communicate with one another, and now that links are allowed in OnlyFans bios, it’s easy to find someone’s contact information.

What Type of Content Should You Focus On for SFS?

Be creative, photos or videos are great to focus on for SFS. In general, you want to avoid text or audio based shoutouts as the fan needs to click an additional time to see if your profile is worth subscribing to.

Does SFS work?

To a certain extent, you may get some fans with this technique but often it’s just better to focus on other traffic sources to grow your accounts. For instance, using other social media platforms. Always consider how much time you can dedicate to a certain promo effort to correctly determine if it’s worth it.

How to Improve SFS?

Always check if the OnlyFans creator you’re talking to has an engaged fanbase. You can typically see if they’re worth working with by the number of comments and likes they have under their posts on their account. Be sure to check out our socials as well to get an idea if the audience is receptive! The type of comments matter too. If fans are engaged, they will leave related comments and often link back to the page.

Things to Watch Out For

Remember that if you want to do SFS, it will be important to see if the agreement is beneficial for both creators. For instance, is the creator your contacting have a similar amount of followers? If the difference is in the tens of thousands, they’re probably not going to reply to your outreach as it’s not beneficial to them.

In fact, if the difference is significant, the other creator may only do a paid SFS. Always think about if it’s worthwhile to do such a promo. For instance, are you optimizing other traffic sources to get subscribers? If not, focus on these first as usually these methods are free, and will help you grow more effectively than simply doing OnlyFans SFS.

Final Thoughts

SFS is a good way to grow your OnlyFans without other forms of social media but make sure to utilize other platforms in order to promote your account. Hopefully you enjoyed this article on SFS on OnlyFans. If you’re still struggling with SFS, check out some ways you can promote your account automatically here.

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