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OnlyFans sexting is extremely important to understand how to do properly. As a creator, most of your income should be coming from messages on OnlyFans. If you’re doing sexting incorrectly, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you’re a beginner to OnlyFans, make sure to master these key points in order to maximize your earnings from OnlyFans sexting:

  • Appropriate Pricing: One of the major issues that creators face early on in their OnlyFans career is that they don’t know how to properly price content. What ends up happening is that content is overpriced or underpriced. If you’re getting no sales, you’re probably overpricing content. If this is the case, think about the audience you’re trying to sell to. Are you trying to sell on your free page? If so, you may have difficulties selling as typically less than 10% of free fans buy content. Dedicate your resources to growing a paid page as subscription price can act as a deterrent to fans unwilling to pay for content. If all your content is getting sold, think about increasing your prices as it may be too cheap. You don’t want to miss out on potential revenue!
  • Build a relationship with your fans: At the end of the day, it’s important for fans to feel that they have a connection with you so they spend money. Don’t just spam their inbox with PPV messages, but instead focus on developing a relationship by asking questions and getting to know them as a person. Although this may take quite some time, the rewards are immense as fans will spend more frequently and in larger amounts if they know you better. So don’t forget to do things like ask their name, what their fantasies are, and how they found your page.
  • Have a good upsell strategy: You want to keep sending content out as you’re chatting with a fan. For example, 10 x $10 sales are much more profitable than 1 x $30 sale.
  • Tell a story: If you’re having issues sexting, you may be pulling the trigger too early and just sending off PPV messages. Think about ways to draw your fans in at the start to tell a story. For instance, you’re getting into the shower and then going back to your bed. With this approach, you can send off multiple PPV messages and get fans more engaged with what’s happening.
  • Work on the girlfriend experience: To establish long-lasting relationship with your fans, try to pick neutral topics and then work your way into sexting. This will feel more natural to your fans and they will be more likely to spend money. For instance, asking about their day first and then selling PPV messages. If you’re unsure what to do, think about how a girlfriend would text her boyfriend.
  • Be persistent: If your fans lost interest midway through OnlyFans sexting, try to regain their attention through some sort of reminder or question in chat. Remember that your fans are probably talking to 10 other girls at the same time on the platform. It’s important to continuously re-engage them in order to have opportunities to sell PPV messages.
  • Have a plan: Sometimes it’s best to have some general idea of what you want to chat about beforehand. Although sexting should be dynamic, you can write down some scenarios that you think would make good opportunities to send off PPV messages. Stick to them as you chat.
  • Don’t give up: Sexting is a skill and it takes time to learn. As you progress through your OnlyFans career, you will get better with sexting and soon it will become natural!

Hopefully you found this Divafluence guide on OnlyFans sexting useful.

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