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Pricing on OnlyFans varies greatly depending on the content creator and their target audience. However, there are a few general guidelines to follow when deciding how much to charge for your content on the platform.

First, consider the value you’re providing to your audience. You may be able to charge more for your content if you’re a popular creator with a large following or a unique niche. If you are just starting out or have a small audience, you may want to start with lower prices and work your way up as you grow.

Another thing to think about is the type of content you’re providing. Photographic or video content, for example, is more expensive than written content. Exclusive content, such as live streams or one-on-one interactions, will demand a higher price.

Furthermore, some adult content creators provide various membership options such as a monthly subscription, PPV for individual posts, or custom subscription options. Scroll down for a sample pricing guide.

Offering special perks or rewards to subscribers who pay a higher price is another way to monetize your content on OnlyFans. You could, for example, provide exclusive access to specific posts or videos, as well as personalised content with custom scripts.

Finally, the key to pricing success on OnlyFans is striking a balance between providing value to your audience and earning a reasonable wage for your efforts. Experiment with various pricing options and solicit feedback from your fans to determine what works best for you. It’s fine to change your prices as your audience and content evolve.

Try and experiment by raising your prices by $1 or $5 and then seeing who in a group of 10 fans is still buying content. Did the same number of fans buy as before you raised the price? You can probably get away with the price increase then.

Don’t forget that your audience might be segmented in terms of what they’re willing to pay for content. Some fans are more open to spending so you will need to establish pricing strategies for each audience type.

It’s also worth noting that OnlyFans takes a cut of the revenue generated by content creators on the platform. It is 20% as of 2021, so keep that in mind when determining prices.

Always be transparent with your audience and adhere to the platform’s terms of service. Here’s a very simple price guide for OnlyFans when it comes to content, PPV messages, and more:

  • Images: At least $5 for each image. Try to do discount image sets here and there, something along the lines of 5 images for $20. Make sure you always bundle old content and keep fresh ones as PPV messages.
  • Videos: $5-10 a minute.
  • Subscriptions: At least $3 if you’re starting out. Once you have a solid fanbase, feel free to increase the price.
  • Custom content: These often take a long time to make so don’t be afraid to set a firm price for these. For instance, JOI and dick ratings could be anything from $30+ per minute.

Hopefully you found this Divafluence price guide for OnlyFans useful!   

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