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OnlyFans Pricing Guide: Maximize Your Earnings!  

Find out how to do pricing on OnlyFans with this guide.Discover the best OnlyFans pricing guide to maximize your earnings and stand out from the competition. Find out how much to charge for your content.

Pricing on OnlyFans varies greatly depending on the content creator and their target audience. However, there are a few general guidelines to follow when deciding on pricing decisions and strategies for your content on the platform. Scroll down for a sample pricing guide.

Consider Your Content and Audience

First, consider the value you’re providing to your audience. You may be able to charge more for your content if you’re a popular creator with a large following or a unique niche. If you’re just starting out or have a small audience, you may want to start with lower prices and work your way up as you grow.

Another thing to think about is the type of content you’re sending out to your target audience, subscribers, and website. Photo or video content prices are more expensive than written or audio content prices. Exclusive content, such as live streams or one-on-one interactions, will drastically increase the prices you can charge for your PPV messages and will ultimately give a boost to your average monthly OnlyFans earnings.

Furthermore, some adult content creators provide various membership options such as a monthly subscription, PPV for individual posts, or custom subscription options.

Offering special perks or rewards to subscribers who pay a higher price is another way to monetize your content on OnlyFans. You could, for example, provide exclusive access to specific posts or videos, as well as personalized content with custom scripts such as dick ratings or jerk-off instructions.

Finally, the key to pricing success on OnlyFans is striking a balance between providing value to your audience and earning a reasonable amount for your efforts. Experiment with various pricing options, charge prices, and get feedback from your subscribers to determine what works best for you. It’s fine to change your prices as your audience and content evolve.

Test Things Out

How do I charge for pictures on OnlyFans?

When sending a message, you can simply enter the desired amount you want the fan to pay for him to access the content. At this point, keep in mind that the fan may or may not agree to pay the cost of the message. However, they won’t be able to see your content otherwise.

What can I do to see if I’m pricing my content correctly on OnlyFans?

Try and experiment with your pricing strategy by raising your prices by $1 or $5 and then seeing who in a group of 10 fans is still buying content. Did the same number of fans buy as before you raised the price and changed your pricing strategy? You can probably get away with the price increase then!

Don’t forget that your audience might be segmented in terms of what they’re willing to pay for content. When you’re learning how to do OnlyFans, one of the biggest mistakes you could make when pricing your content is that you don’t consider that each fan has a different price tolerance. You will need a separate strategy for each audience type in order to maximize your earnings on the platform. The only way to find out what each fans is willing to pay is to test things out!

Some fans are more open to spending so you will need to establish strategies for each audience type, including what you’re charging for PPV content.

To set prices, check how much viewers like your content. If many people engage, you can raise prices. But if not many engage, lower prices to attract more viewers. Regularly analyze how profitable and engaging your content is to make sure your pricing is right. Adjust prices based on how well your content is doing – lower for unpopular content, raise for popular content to make more money.

What are the limits to pricing PPV and subscriptions on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans sets specific pricing limits for PPV content, messages, subscriptions, and tips. The maximum price for PPV content is capped at $200 per item. PPV messages can be charged up to $50 each. Subscriptions cannot exceed $49.99 per month. Additionally, the maximum tip amount allowed is $100. It is essential to understand these pricing restrictions and strike a balance that benefits both you and your audience. Experimenting with various pricing strategies and staying updated on industry trends can help you succeed on OnlyFans while maximizing your earnings.

Is making a free or paid OnlyFans account better?

Subscriptions are a great way for creators to earn money by having users pay a regular fee to access their content. It offers a steady income and flexible pricing options. On the other hand, PPV allows users to pay for specific content pieces, making it a good choice for creators with niche content. It also offers various pricing options and direct monetization. To decide which model to use, check what similar creators in your niche are doing.

Different Pricing Strategies for OnlyFans Explained

In reality, you’re only going into run into a few major pricing strategies for OnlyFans. Check some of these strategies out and make a decision based on the pros and cons of each. You can then tune the performance of each strategy with your account and see if you’re making money.

Learn how to set the right prices for your content and beat your competition on OnlyFans. Get a sample pricing guide now.Pricing Strategy 1 – Set a low PPV price but rely on high subscription price to make money

Pros: Once fans subscribe, you’re pretty much guaranteed an income every month as you’ve built a high quality audience. Fans remain subbed for long periods of time but require a personalized approach in terms of chatting.

Cons: This pricing strategy is often not great for beginners without an initial social media presence. Since fans don’t know you personally, it will take a long time for you to initially build a following and have them convert as a result of the high subscription price. You’ll also be spending a significant amount of time chatting with fans to promote your OnlyFans and keep them subscribed.

Pricing Strategy 2 – Use a free account to establish yourself as a brand and develop an audience, monetizing content at a later stage

Pros: Your OnlyFans notifications will go off with this approach! Lots and lots of followers will subscribe to your page quickly and you’ll see how fast you’ll gain in post interactions, not only on OnlyFans, but on other platforms as well. If you’re trying to go viral, this may be the approach for you.

Cons: Unless you’re very patient, it’s best to not do this strategy. In this situation, you’re putting off massive earnings later on for basically free work for months on end. Although you will be gaining many fans quickly, your audience will be low quality and will be unlikely to buy anything in terms of PPV. However, you can reach a desired audience target with this approach and then monetize your content completely (by changing the free page to a paid page) or partially (opening up a second or third account only for paid subscribers).

Pricing Strategy 3 – Focus on providing niche or fetish content at extremely high prices

Pros: With this approach, you can set the price of both PPV and subscriptions to high amounts. Your fans will pay and you’ll enjoy a steady stream of income from subscriptions and variable monthly earnings due to PPV sales. If you love making content and the content isn’t something that’s easily found with another creator, this pricing strategy will work best for you.

Cons: Significant earnings come at a price! You’ll have to learn how to make high quality content quickly. For example, custom videos. Otherwise, you’ll be spending days and days recording photos and videos. If you’re truly in a niche field, it may take time to find an audience as you may need to consider unconventional social media approaches and you’ll need to test them out through trial and error.

Information on OnlyFans Fees and Costs

What percentage does OnlyFans take?

It’s also worth noting that OnlyFans takes a cut and charge of the revenue generated by content creators on the platform. OnlyFans fees are 20% as of 2024, so keep that in mind when determining prices as you’re only going to make 80% as a net income. Unfortunately, OnlyFans pricing fees are unavoidable and it’s a small price to pay to use the platform for its popularity. Keep in mind that the 20% OnlyFans fee applies to both PPV and subscriptions!

If you’re doing a discount offer on a subscription the 20% is applied on the discounted price, so don’t worry about calculating anything beforehand as OnlyFans takes care of everything automatically when applies fees to payouts.

Can you reduce OnlyFans fees?

Unfortunately, OnlyFans fees are set in stone as of 2024. Some platforms do offer smaller fees but remember that subscribers might be more hesitant to use these types of platforms.

How much does it cost to use OnlyFans?

If you’re a creator, you’re not going to be hit with any initial fees for OnlyFans to use the platform. Rather, OnlyFans makes their money each time you sell content to your fans or through subscriptions. In other words, there’s no registration fee for OnlyFans and the platform is free to use as a content creator. When you start doing payouts to your bank account, OnlyFans will take a proportion of that payout in the form of fees.

Alternate Sources of Income


Tipping: You can earn money by getting tips from your followers on OnlyFans. Make a clear price list on your profile to show them how much and how often they can tip you. This helps them know what you like and might lead to more generous tips from them.

Live Streams: You can make more money on OnlyFans by doing live streams. Viewers can give you tips during these streams. To earn more, set a tip goal or make the stream longer when you get tips. This will keep your viewers interested and encourage them to support your content creation.

Calls: Additionally, offering one-on-one voice and video calls to your closest subscribers can be a lucrative source of income. Pricing this service by the minute, with standard rates ranging from $10 per minute, allows you to provide exclusive attention to your subscribers who are willing to pay for personalized interactions. Don’t hesitate to adjust your pricing based on demand and the value you offer during these calls.

Sexting: Furthermore, sexting can be another profitable service to offer on OnlyFans. Charging anywhere from $3 to $5 per minute for sexting sessions can generate income, but it’s essential to leverage sexting as a tool to drive sales of pay-per-view (PPV) content. By talking intimately and connecting well with your best customers through sexting, you can encourage them to buy more PPV content regularly, making more money.


There’s several methods to make more money off platform:

  • Getting sponsorships from brands.

  • Selling your own PPV off platform.

  • Recommending products and earning a commission.

  • Selling merch or partnering with a company.

  • Teaching courses to other creators.

These options are best for experienced creators, but keep an eye out for chances as you grow.

Other Ways to Get Organized

Make a Price Menu

If you want to get creative and establish clear pricing rules for your audience, think about making a pricing menu that fans always have access to so they know how much each piece of content goes for.

Set up alternate sources of income

You’re never limited to OnlyFans in terms of selling content. Obviously, to avoid platform issues such as bans, you need to be careful how you go about establishing an alternate source of income. For example, this could be selling Snaps, making an Amazon Wishlist, getting tips to third-party apps like Venmo, or making your own website to sell content. Make sure to be aware of OnlyFans policies and don’t do something that results in your ban on the platform.

The benefit of having other sources is that it allows more flexibility in terms of pricing. Not enough sales? You could lower your PPV price now as you don’t have to deal with OnlyFans fees. Want to make more money? Increase the price and offer exclusive access to loyal fans.

Simple Price Guide Example

Here’s a very simple pricing guide for OnlyFans when it comes to content, PPV messages, and more. Remember to incorporate OnlyFans fees into your pricing so there’s no surprises when you do withdraw money!

  • Images: At least $5 for each image. Try to do discount image sets here and there, something along the lines of 5 images for $20. Make sure you always bundle old content and keep fresh ones as PPV messages.
  • Videos: $5-10 a minute. Don’t make the mistake of sending all of the video in one go! As you become better in your sexting, spread out your video in chunks so that you can continuously upsell as you talk to your fans.
  • Subscriptions: At least $3 if you’re starting out. Once you have a solid fanbase, feel free to increase the price. An average OnlyFans subscription price is between $3-5.
  • Tips: These can be variable and often depend on what the fan gets in return. Make sure to set up good captions for your post so fans will be inclined to tip more. For example, get fans to tip for a new lingerie set you’ve been wanting to buy. Once you have collected enough money to buy it, send out a “Thank You” post to previous tippers and upsell content that includes the new set.
  • Custom content: These often take a long time to make so don’t be afraid to set a firm price for these. For instance, JOI and dick ratings could be anything from $30+ per minute. Don’t undersell yourself on this type of content considering the effort required on your end to put this out.


Hopefully you found this Divafluence price guide for OnlyFans content useful! With this guide you learned exactly what percentage OnlyFans takes for fees as well as a starting point for pricing your content.

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