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Are you thinking of what to post on OnlyFans? Here’s a couple of things you should post on OnlyFans.

Wall Posts

If you’re an OnlyFans beginner, try to aim for non-nude content for your wall posts. It’s better to have content that’s in the form of teasers that tempts fans to buy PPV messages. Both photo and video formats are good.

PPV Content

For content ideas, please check out this page for a full list. In short, you really have to focus on your niche and think about what makes your account unique. To brainstorm, think about why fans would subscribe to your page and make content based on that. Make sure to time your posts accordingly.

Here’s a couple of things you can post on OnlyFans if you’re thinking about what to post. These go well with niche accounts:

  • Cosplay videos and photos
  • Roleplay scenarios with scripts
  • Teaser videos and behind-the-scenes content
  • Professional lingerie and bikini photos
  • Themed holiday giveaways and games
  • Playing with toys or food.


If you’re thinking of what to post on OnlyFans, just follow these simple tips to make new content. Remember to have fun!

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