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Looking for OnlyFans tip menu examples? Look no further! In this article we’ll cover what makes a good tip menu template for OnlyFans along with an editable free example at the bottom of the page.

What Is a Tip Menu?

If you’re just starting out with OnlyFans, you may be wondering what exactly a tip menu is. A tip menu is basically a list of all the services you provide and the price you want to charge. This way, you can pin a tip menu to your feed on OnlyFans and your fans will know exactly what they can buy.

The tip menu itself is an image file such as a .jpg or .png that you can post wherever.

Organize Your Content

One of the sections you can include for a tip menu is for content. In this section you can list all the bundles, sets, photos, and videos you have. This section is great for displaying special videos that you can sell for a high price. Make sure to include a price for all of your content, otherwise fans won’t know how much they can get the specific content for.

If you’re having difficulty setting a price for your content, check out this article on pricing your content appropriately.

Include Services

If you’re doing special requests such as custom content, video chat, or voice clips – this is the place to list them! You could also write down services such as JOI scripts and dick ratings. Don’t hesitate to charge a premium fee for these as they would require more effort on your part to do.

Other examples could include private Snapchat access that only VIP members can buy.

Update Frequently

Your offerings might change at any given moment, especially if you collaborate with other creators or make a new offering. Update your tip menu frequently to sell off old content to new fans who just signed up.

Tipping by Itself

Besides content and services, you can expand your tip menu selection to gifts for yourself or extras. This is a great way to get fans to support you without any additional effort on your part.

Follow Terms of Service

Don’t forget to follow OnlyFans terms of service if you do make a tip menu. You defeintely don’t want to offer content that can get your account banned, for example, including OnlyFans restricted words in the image.

Add Your Socials

A good tip menu always has your relevant socials visible, just in case your fans want to follow you on different platforms.

It’s also useful to include your other socials on here if you post your tip menu on another platform that’s not OnlyFans where you’re trying to promote your account. That way, you only have to make a single tip menu for all your social media platforms!

OnlyFans Tip Menu Example

Hopefully you enjoyed this Divafluence guide on tip menu ideas! You can edit the below example to reflect your account, prices, and offerings on Canva with a free account. Click here to open up the below template in Canva.

OnlyFans Tip Menu Example

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