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JOI Script: Boost Your OnlyFans Earnings  

Use the below free JOI script example to boost your earnings on OnlyFans.

Discover how to boost your OnlyFans earnings with JOI scripts. Learn how to write JOI scripts and make more money. Look at the bottom of this page for a short and sweet JOI script you can use for any niche!

What’s a JOI Script and why are they so popular on OnlyFans and Fansly?

If you’re a beginner on OnlyFans, you’ve probably heard the term get tossed around among other creators or even from your fans who want you to make customized JOI for them. A JOI script stands for Jerk Off Instructions and is a great way to monetize your content. These scripts are usually used within a PPV message that’s either a video or audio file. However, there’s no set format so you can get creative! Compared to other PPV messages, these can take a while to come up with if you’re not sure of what to do or what to say.

It’s crucial to learn how to do JOI scripts well if you want to level up your OnlyFans game and learn how to do OnlyFans better.

Unfortunately, a lot of creators struggle with creating JOI scripts to use in their videos or audio. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the basic features of a JOI script so instead of copying and pasting the same content over and over again, you can make new ones relatively easy on the fly. We’ll also provide a sample JOI script example to help get you started on OnlyFans. Learning how to write engaging JOI scripts can really boost your success on OnlyFans.

Make a perfect JOI Script, all by yourself!

There’s a lot of different strategies and tips you can utilize to make the perfect JOI script.

  • Decide how to make a JOI: Remember that a JOI script can either be an audio or video file. If you’re pressed for time, it’s much easier to create an audio file to send off to a fan and not have to deal with any shooting or video editing software. Only drawback is that you’re going to have to price accordingly as audio files by themselves would be less engaging for your fans. A video would definitely require more effort and usually you touching yourself. Now, if you opt for creating a video JOI script, keep in mind that it will demand more time and effort compared to an audio file. Videos are more engaging for your audience but require shooting and even editing.
  • Keep it fresh and unique: Here’s a tip to save time: Pre-record an audio file and pair it with a video that shows you touching yourself. You can then mix and match audios and videos to vary the content you’re sending out.
  • Brainstorming helps: It’s always easier to read from a script when recording a JOI. Have some ideas on what you want to say and jot them down to make a script. You can then just follow the script and avoid having to do unnecessary retakes if you make a mistake. When you plan what you want to say in your video and write it down, it makes recording a lot smoother. This way, you can avoid redoing the video multiple times if you forget something or make a mistake.
  • Remember to customize it: Don’t forget to add in the name of your fan if you’re doing individualized content. Everyone loves to feel special and hear their name at the start of the message. If you’re pressed for time and pro with editing software, record a basic JOI and use it as a template. Whenever you get a request, just say their name and append it to the template. Fast and customized content, what could be better?
  • Add in your niche and branding: Quite often, JOIs are specific to your niche. For example, femdom or ASMR. Remember your target audience and why they subscribed to your channel in the first place! Make sure to add in what you think they would want to hear from you.
  • Follow terms of service: At the same time, remember NEVER to do any content you’re uncomfortable with or ones that violate terms of service. For example, saying or posting any restricted words. You don’t want to lose your account over a simple request! Even a simple audio file can be problematic if you’re saying things you shouldn’t say on the platform. Remember, it’s super important to always follow the rules and guidelines set by the platform you’re using. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you’re aware of what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.
  • Lead up to the JOI: If you’re new to OnlyFans it may be worthwhile to improve your chatting skills so that you can easily sell JOIs. Click here for sexting tips.
  • Actually provide instructions: That’s why they’re called JOIs! Make sure to give direction on what you want your fan to do as they go through your PPV. Otherwise, it’s really just another generic piece of PPV!
  • Be passionate: Sound effects are critical. Don’t forget to add effects such as moans and swallowing to create tension.
  • Tease and climax: When creating a JOI script, it’s important to remember that taking your time is key. Rushing through the script can take away from the overall experience for your audience. By pausing at critical points throughout the script, you can build anticipation and create a more engaging experience for your fans. These pauses allow your audience to fully absorb the content and immerse themselves in the scenario you are creating. Imagine you are telling a story – you wouldn’t want to speed through the exciting parts, right? The same principle applies to a JOI script. By slowing down, you give your fans the opportunity to savor each moment and fully enjoy the experience you are guiding them through. It’s all about building tension and keeping your audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Determine pricing and length: Don’t undersell a JOI. A good custom JOI can be worth $30 per minute. However, the cost may add up quickly and fans may become hesitant to pay for an extremely lengthy version. Keep it within 3-5 minutes. You can always work in chunks and just send over a new video to fans if they still want more.
  • Improve quality: Upgrade your sound equipment. A good microphone under $100 can make a huge difference in your JOI quality.
  • Upsell: JOIs are a great way to upsell dick ratings as well. Click here for an example dick rating. Consider including these as part of a bundle you send out to your subscribers.
  • Extras: Consider adding soft background music and experiment with audio software to enhance JOI quality.

Where to Get Inspiration for JOI Scripts?

Are the above tips confusing? They might be! That’s why we made a simple JOI Script for you to use. You can learn how to make your own effective JOI by following a similar style but adding your own unique flavor. Customize it as you like! Hopefully, you learned something about JOI scripts from this Divafluence post!

Free JOI Script Example

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