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What’s a dick rating and why are they so popular on OnlyFans? How exactly do you do a dick rating?

If you’re just starting out on OnlyFans, you’ve probably had requests of dick ratings on the platform. A dick rating may initially be confusing to understand how to sell, especially when you’re getting something from one of your fans. In this guide, we’ll talk about what to do when you get a dick rating request, what to say, and strategies on how to upsell content. There’s also an example dick rating at the end of this guide that you can copy and paste.

Here’s some steps that you need to do for a dick rating.

  • Step 1: The fan requests a dick rating. You can also suggest to perform this as a service once you have a general idea of what to do.
  • Step 2: Set a price. There’s two strategies you can do to get money from dick ratings. You can suggest a free dick rating for a fan but bundle it with some sort of deal that makes it attractive to the fan and gets them to go ahead with the deal. For example, imagine you have a free and paid OnlyFans page. You can say that you’ll perform the dick rating on the paid page once they subscribe to your content. That way, you did the dick rating, but still ended up getting something in return. You can also bundle it with content so that you get some sales on your photos or videos. Otherwise, set a price for the dick rating and get the fan to tip.
  • Step 3: The fan is going to send a dick pic via chat. You do want to look at the dick pic to give it a rating. Some of the things that you can comment on are girth, length, hair, angle, lightning, vascularity, symmetry. Ultimately, you want to also give it a scale out of 10. Be honest but never give a rating below 7.5/10, you don’t want to upset your fans. You can either send off the review through text or video.
  • Step 4: At the end of the session, there’s always opportunity to take control at this point and upsell PPV content, sexting, or jerk-off instructions (JOI). Don’t underestimate JOI scripts at this point because you can charge a significant amount per minute for these. If you don’t know how to do JOI, read here. You can always pre-record these so you have something ready just in case you feel like you can quickly upsell content.

Hopefully you learned how to do dick ratings through OnlyFans with this Divafluence guide. Here’s a very basic dick rating example that uses some of the steps above so you get can a sense of how it works through chat.

Dick Rating Example

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